Swap Alien Worlds for WAXP: How to Start?

The metaverse has been on everyone’s lips since Facebook announced its version of it. Tech giants like Microsoft tried to one-up them, and brands started flocking to NFTs to have a piece of this fruitful business.  Consequently, metaverse-related blockchain tokens like Alien Worlds (TLP) and The World Asset Exchange (WAXP) have skyrocketed in value.

In this article, we will go over the fundamentals of these two cryptocurrencies. Moreover, we will provide a clear guide on how to approach the market and start trading these promising cryptocurrencies. 

Finally, with low fees, we will wrap up with one of the best solutions for swapping TLM and WAXP anonymously. Let’s get started with a short intro on how the crypto markets function. 

How the Cryptocurrency Market Works

Cryptocurrencies are digital representations of money that are registered on an immutable. Distributed ledger called the blockchain. This blockchain allows anyone to fully own their coins through their wallet, as it requires no intermediary for transactions. People can send cryptos back and forth to each other, simply relying on the network to confirm and record their dealings. 

You can purchase cryptocurrencies on various centralized and decentralized exchanges. Their values can fluctuate greatly in short amounts of time, opening huge profit opportunities. However, to be successful in this venture, you will first need to find the perfect exchange that offers anonymity, security, ease of use, and low fees. 

Everything You Need to Know About TLM and WAX

Alien Worlds is a blockchain metaverse game where users can explore various planets and compete with each other for Trillium (TLM), the native cryptocurrency of the game. The game itself is driven by NFTs. Every tool used to mine and collect TLM is recorded as an NFT and can be purchased and sold on the open market. 

Consequently, TLM is a mineable cryptocurrency that can be obtained in-game and has a maximum supply of 10 billion. TLM tokens can be staked in Planet DAOs, allowing player alliances to mine more Trillium and vote on the game’s direction. 

WAX is a blockchain that was specifically designed to cater to NFT creators and microtransactions involving NFTs. To this end, this smart contract platform uses a highly scalable protocol that offers low fees for NFT minting and very high transaction speeds. WAX also claims carbon neutrality, as its blockchain is highly efficient and requires just a fraction of the power of popular blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. 

The WAX marketplace has already gathered some famous brands that have chosen it to unleash their NFT collections to the world. While it was released as far back as 2017, WAX is only now starting to see peaks in usage thanks to the NFT craze. This hints towards additional growth for this blockchain in the future. 

Steps to Convert TLM to WAX

When looking to convert TLM to WAX, there are a few essential steps you need to follow: 

  1. Build a trading plan. Assess how much you wish to invest and set up some profit goals. Ensure you never invest more than you can afford to lose and always have an exit strategy. 
  2. Calculate the value of the coin pair. Compare the values of the coins in relation to each other using charts like those on Godex.io
  3. Register a wallet. Start by opening a crypto wallet to store your coins. Even if the exchange provides an online wallet, it’s better to have a non-custodial one to store tokens long-term. 
  4. Choose your cryptocurrency trading platform. When choosing a crypto platform, look for reliability, security, and anonymity. Also, ensure that the TLM to WAX trading pair is directly available to avoid extra fees. 

With that in mind, let’s quickly look at how to exchange TLM for WAXP using the Godex platform for quick and anonymous swaps. 

How to Swap Alien Worlds to WAXP on Godex.io — Anonymous Exchange Platform 

Godex provides one of the most streamlined experiences for swapping TLM for WAXP. To proceed with an exchange, do the following: 

  • Visit Godex.io and select your coins. Choose TLM on the left and WAXP on the right for a TLM for WAXP exchange. 
  • Type in the amounts you wish to exchange and provide the previously created wallet address. 
  • Send the TLM coins to the automatically generated address.
  • Complete the transaction and get your WAXP. 

You can notice how simple the process on Godex is, as you don’t have to create an account on the exchange to proceed with your swaps. The platform doesn’t ask for personal details, so your crypto holdings cannot be linked to you. Finally, Godex sends you tokens directly to your wallet and doesn’t hold your crypto, which makes it much more secure than other centralized exchanges. 

Final Observation

Alien Worlds is a promising blockchain game that can only grow. It has great play-to-earn mechanisms and is free-to-play, which is a huge benefit in this niche. And with the NFT market exploding, platforms such as WAX should experience exponential growth in the next few years. 

Consequently, exchanging TLM for WAX can be a great opportunity for traders, and we saw in this article that Godex is one of the best places to do this. 

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