Target Practice Tips for Beginners

Whether you are shooting with a pistol or a rifle, there are a few basics to get to grips with if you want to improve your accuracy on the range. It takes a lot of practice to become consistently accurate when shooting. Things like windspeed and how steady your hand is will impact the accuracy of your shot. Luckily, even though you can’t influence the weather, you can control most things when shooting. Here is a guide to improving your skill at hitting a target.

Shooting Stance

Having the right stance will improve your aim. If you stand with your feet too close together, you won’t be balanced correctly. Aim to position your feet at shoulder width. Once you feel comfortable and stable, get your gun in position. Pistols can be held in both hands or in one hand. Rifles are held differently.

How to Sight

Guns have sights to help the shooter aim. A foresight must be aligned with a rear sight. The target should appear as a black dot above the sight picture. The foresight is the most important thing to focus on. Everything else should be slightly blurred when you are sighting the target. The foresight represents the muzzle of your gun, and this moves around, so aim to keep this steady with the target just above the foresight.

Firing at the Target

It is important to relax when shooting at a target. Place your finger on the trigger and increase the pressure slowly until the gun releases. Try and breathe out as you press the trigger. The tenser you are, the more likely it is that your shot will go wide.

Practice Consistently

It is unrealistic to expect that you will be accurate when shooting unless you put a lot of time into practicing. Most shooting enthusiasts don’t achieve great results without consistent practice. It isn’t about talent. You might have some innate skill but mostly success will come down to how many hours you spend practicing on the shooting range or in your backyard.

Choose the Right Gun

Decide whether you want to shoot with a rifle or a handgun. They are both very different and it is sensible to take advice from an expert at your local shooting range or gun store. Try a few different guns out for size, so you can pick one based on how comfortable it is for you. Some guns are heavier than others and a smaller person with less upper body strength will likely find a smaller, lighter gun easier to use.

Choose the Right Shooting Range

The right shooting range will make a difference in your overall experience. Some shooting ranges are friendlier than others and are more accommodating to a less experienced shooter. Pick a facility where safety is the number one concern and there are instructors on hand to offer advice and professional coaching. Safety must always be a priority because all guns are dangerous if not handled correctly.

Get Some Instruction

Working with a professional instructor will help iron out any problems with your technique. This is especially useful if you are new to target shooting. Book some lessons so you can learn the basics, like how to hold your gun and aim at the target, how to account for windspeed, and things like reloading quickly. They’ll be able to offer advice on where to buy supplies, such as ammunition from Bulk Munitions.

Finally, always protect your ears and eyes when target shooting. In addition, always treat your gun as if it is loaded, so there are no accidental releases and accidents on the shooting range.

Yvan Lebrun
Yvan Lebrun

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