The Different Types of Meditation Explained

Meditation is becoming more and more popular, and for a good reason. There are many benefits of meditation you can experience just from practicing a few minutes a day. You can reduce your stress, improve your focus, enhance your self-awareness, control your pain, and even improve your sleep.

When you think of meditation, you might think of a guided visualization practice or sitting quietly for a few moments of silence. However, there are many different types of meditation you can practice, each with its own benefits.

If you are interested in meditation but aren’t sure where to start, here are the common types of meditation you can try.

Body Scan

One of the most common kinds of meditation is a body scan. This is a technique designed to strengthen your mind-body connection. A body scan is as simple as closing your eyes, and scanning your body from your head to your toes, paying attention to any good or bad sensations you feel along the way.


One of the different types of meditation you can practice is visualization. This is a technique where you visualize different scenes, using your senses as much as possible. You can use visualization to relax, sleep, or to see yourself becoming successful.

Focused Attention

One goal of meditation is to encourage awareness, something you can do with focused attention. With this technique, you focus your attention on your breath for the duration of your practice. If you are looking for focused attention meditations, you can explore Quietself for more options.


Mindfulness is one of the most common types of meditation. With this technique, you become the observer of your thoughts without any judgment of what those thoughts are. This is a great technique for beginners or anyone who wants to boost their concentration and awareness.


A great tip for how to meditate is to start with a simple mantra practice. With this technique, you repeat a sound or word over and over to help clear your mind. Mantra meditation is ideal for increasing your focus while reducing your stress and anxiety.

Loving Kindness

Do you want to direct your positive energy toward a specific person or group of people? Then try a loving kindness meditation.

With this technique, you focus on a person, direct positive energy towards yourself, and watch it ripple outwards until it reaches the person you are thinking about. Loving kindness meditation can also be used to encourage forgiveness toward others.

These Are the Types of Meditation You Can Practice

A few common types of meditation can help you live a more fulfilled life.

You can try a simple body scan or a visualization technique. You can also spend a few moments with focused attention, practice mindfulness, or repeat a mantra. If you want to direct your positive energy to a specific person, consider using a loving kindness meditation.

Add one or more of these techniques to your meditation practice to experience the benefits.

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