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Ticket Smarter is a company dedicated to being the intermediary in purchasing tickets for events. Surely at some point in your life, you have wanted to go to a famous event. This is precisely the need that this company solves. They seek to offer you the best prices in the market without requiring complex search systems.

They have a wide enough coverage of events in the United States for the most requested events. You can find sporting events, concerts, plays, among other options.

Indeed, this platform has a lot of features that distinguish it. That is why we have considered it pertinent to bring you a summary of the highlights of its platform.

How does it work?

The most fundamental premise of Ticket Smarter is extremely simple: to give you access to the best price for an event.

If you are interested in a sporting event or a concert, you can have access to purchase tickets from this platform. It should be noted that the company only acts as an intermediary. Therefore, they are not the sellers of the tickets.

When you enter the main page, you will immediately find the most famous events. You also have a search engine to search in the catalog about the event you are interested in.

Among the options on the home page are sections for concerts, sports, and theater. You can also access events held in specific regions, such as Broadway, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, among other options.

If you enter a type of event, you will see a list with all the available options. Each option has information regarding the minimum price of the event, location, and date.

Once you select the option of your interest, you will be redirected to a page with all the detailed information. Here you can view the location of the seats, their cost, and an outline of the stage.

Additionally, there is a specialized FAQs section for each particular event. This feature is extremely useful and makes your research task as a buyer much easier. This section answers questions regarding the price, availability, and future events of the protagonist.

On the other hand, there is a section entirely dedicated to selling your tickets. With this platform function, you can act as a reseller very simply. You must create an account on the platform, search for the event, and enter your ticket information. Once you complete these steps, you just have to wait for your tickets to be sold.

How much does it cost?

Within the platform, there are pretty competitive prices. They are usually even lower than those found in other ticket brokers.

They have a guarantee policy for the best price. They always make sure to offer you the best deals. However, if you find a lower price for the same ticket from Ticket Smarter, you will be refunded the difference.

It should be noted that several aspects must be fulfilled to enjoy this feature. It must be exactly the same ticket in terms of location, event, and date. Also, you can only apply for this guarantee if 72 hours have passed since you purchased your ticket on Ticket Smarter.

Additionally, some other terms and conditions must be met by the customer. You can only make two claims per year. The ticket must cost at least $50 and be accessible to the general public.

Regarding the system as a ticket seller, there is a tax to be paid by the seller. You must pay an amount equal to 12% of the total value for your first sale. This commission is reduced to 10% for subsequent sales. This amount will be subtracted from your commission; therefore, you will not receive the total amount of the sale.

Payment methods

Few payment methods are available. You can only buy your tickets by credit card or Paypal. However, the process of buying tickets is very simple. You only have to enter an email address where you will receive the tickets and proceed with the payment.

You cannot make payments with various e-wallets or cryptocurrencies. This dramatically reduces the accessibility of the platform for users.

Is it reliable?

The platform transmits security in the purchase system. It is extremely simple to buy and receive tickets. However, there are many negative comments about the service.

Some Ticket, Smarter users, indicate that the platform did not provide them with the tickets after making the payment. However, the company has responded to these cases and takes responsibility for what happened. It may simply have been particular cases as a consequence of punctual errors on the part of Ticket Smarter.

Despite this, there is a common complaint among users of the platform. The platform’s design is somewhat confusing, as is the system for obtaining tickets. The instructions are often misunderstood in most cases and can lead to problems with the company.

Regarding the security of your data, they are highly secure and private. They have several methods of data protection. You do not have to worry about the privacy of the information entered into the platform.

Customer service

They do not directly have a help section. However, they have FAQ sections, means of contact, and social networks to communicate any type of doubt. There is no method with instant answers.


  • Best price guarantee
  • Highly competitive prices
  • Wide coverage
  • Ticket resale section


  • Confusing platform and ticket instructions
  • Few payment methods
  • No live chat

At the end

Despite the negative comments, the platform does not have bad reviews on other web portals. They have a lot of advantages accompanied by highly affordable prices. You are unlikely to find a better price than those available on Ticket Smarter.

However, a large amount of bad reviews from their users is still causing some noise. The platform is quite interesting, but this negative aspect diminishes our opinion. There are other platforms with the same objective as Ticket Smarter. For this reason, we recommend you use another service when looking for a ticket.

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