Top 5 Nanny Cams for Child Safety In 2021

Due to the increasing crime rate, home security has become a top priority for many. This concern has led to advancements in surveillance and has resulted in the invention of the body camera, nanny cams, spy cameras, and much more. Since our children are the ones we value the most, nanny cams have become an essential and must-have tool for us all. They also serve as security cams and ensure our houses’ safety while away. Here is a list of the top 5 nanny cams that must be used for child safety in 2021 to make the environment securer:

Wyze Cam Pan:

If you want a camera that can do it all, then the Wyze cam pan has to be your choice. It is packed with features like 93-degree vertical tilt and 360-degree horizontal tilt with an excellent zooming option. The HD camera, two-way audio, and night vision make it one of the best nanny cams. The camera can record 12-second video clips and save them in the cloud for 14 days when motion is detected. An SD card can also be inserted. It’s easy to install, but some wires will indeed be needed.

Google Nest Cam Indoor:

Handy installation, live streaming, two-way audio, and is connected from your phone through an app make it an excellent pick for keeping an eye on your kid and the caretaker 24/7. The footage is saved on an SD card for 30 days as the camera can be trained to use facial recognition. It is best suited to be both a nanny cam and a security camera.

Blink Camera:

If you are looking for easy and wireless installation, then blink cams are an excellent choice for you. You can literarily put it anywhere you want and can run up for two years. The basic features include motion detection, customizable notification, and compatibility with Alexa, which lets us operate it with voice commands. Its two-way communication feature can be used by plugging it in. It is pocket-friendly and has all the needed features to ensure your kid’s safety.

Ring Indoor Cam:

Ring indoor cam is another gadget that is easy to install, and you can put it on a table or fix it on the wall and install it the way you like it. With an HD live view, you can check on your home and kids whenever you want. You can even speak to the caretaker through your phone or tablet with a two-way communication feature.

Logitech Circle 2 Wireless:

The easy and wireless installation makes Logitech circle’s two wireless cameras fit to be used as a nanny cam. This camera can be connected to Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant using Wi-Fi. Wide-angle, two-way audio, and night vision make this a surveillance gadget. The footage is stored for 24 hours in the personal cloud with bank-level encryption. The low power mode helps in saving the battery. You can also get extra cloud storage by paying for it.

To Sum it Up!

Nanny cams have become a necessity for every household. Besides ensuring your kid’s safety, they also work as security cams to safeguard your home. Investing in buying and installing a good security cam is synonymous with protecting your family; make it your priority.

Carla Gayou
Carla Gayou

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