Travel Agent vs Online Booking: Which is Best for Your Next Vacation?

The United States travel agency industry made more than $19 billion in 2019.

Travel agencies are meant to help coordinate activities and get details about vacations. They can even help get you package deals and discounts!

With the internet at our fingertips, many people are beginning to plan their trips with helpful guidance and resources.

Continue reading to discover what to choose by comparing a travel agent vs online booking for your next vacation!

1. Time for Planning

When comparing a travel agent vs online booking, one of the most important things to consider is the amount of time you can dedicate to planning.

If you don’t have much extra time to research and make calls, a travel agent may be a good solution for planning your trip. However, planning a trip will take more than a couple of hours.

Depending on how long you are going for and how many people are involved, you may need extra time for booking reservations and planning. A travel agent may be able to speed up the process and leave you stress-free from timelines.

Please don’t underestimate the time it takes to plan a vacation. A lack of planning can lead to more money being spent and wasted time.

2. Base It on Your Budget

Everyone should have a budget when they are planning a vacation.

After you have worked out a budget for your vacation, you can determine how much money you can put towards planning. Hiring a travel agent will be well worth it if you have extra money and no spare time.

Those on a budget may want to consider trying to plan their vacation. Trying this out early enough can help save your vacation if you need to hire a travel agent to save the day. Thinking about money now will help you enjoy your holiday in the long run.

3. Do You Have the Resources?

Deciding how to plan for a vacation or family trip tends to depend on the resources you have for many people.

If you have resources and connections with travel opportunities, you may be able to plan your trip on a budget with only a few phone calls.

Most people, however, don’t have these resources and must hire a travel agent to bring this aspect to planning. A travel agent will have more resources than an average person and have already developed relationships with businesses.

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of all of the resources that your travel agent has to offer. That’s what they are hired for!

4. Get an Idea of Where You Want to Go

Before you can decide if you can make the online booking or hire an agent, you should determine where you want to go.

Knowing a destination for your vacation can help you determine which agents can work with you. For example, depending on their relationships, some agencies may have more connections in tropical areas. At the same time, others may connect you with arctic conditions.

You can check out this vacation site review to help determine where you will go on your next adventure! Even if you don’t know exactly where you want to go, figuring out a general area or ruling out certain places can help.

5. Stress That You Can Handle

Planning a vacation can be super exciting but often leads to extra anxiety and stress.

You should consider getting a travel agent if you don’t do well under pressure or with the following deadlines. Travel agents have perfected planning vacations and don’t sweat under pressure.

Some people, however, do great with planning trips and enjoy the entire process. If this is you, online booking can be a part of your experience, and you can customize your entire trip.

Don’t be afraid to ask others for help. Going online can open up new opportunities and resources you never knew existed!

6. Travel Assistance

When booking your trip online, you are planning everything independently.

It would help if you depended on your quick thinking to solve problems when things go wrong. A travel agent is recommended if you want to take a vacation break and not worry about delayed or canceled flights.

Speaking with airline employees and trying to reschedule flights can be exhausting and take forever on the phone. However, if you have a travel agent, they can make calls for you and coordinate your new way home without you having to do anything.

This can be beneficial. A travel agent will have access to information wherever you are. They can even help accommodate overnight stays, transportation, and extra fees.

Having someone by your side throughout the planning and your trip can give you a sense of peace and keep you in relaxed mode, even when things go wrong.

Travel Agent vs Online Booking: Which Will You Choose?

Going on vacation is an exciting opportunity to experience more out of life and spend time with loved ones.

Determining which route to go, travel agent vs online booking, you may need to do some extra planning. Utilizing this guide should help give you insight into your needs and if you can plan the trip on your own.

Depending on your time, budget, and resources, you can figure out if you need extra help. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and make your dream vacation come true.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about vacation reviews and travel tips to follow!

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Diana Muniz

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