Understanding the Power of Crystals

Ever since we became sentient, our ancestors have wanted to find ways to control their surroundings. Whether it be to manipulate nature around them or other people, we want power. We still want power for different reasons, but we need the power to make a change. For a change to occur, you must invest a certain amount of energy into the starting materials. This is why power is important. It represents the energy needed for a change to occur. We are not satisfied with the things that life gives us, which is why we want to change our lives. There are many ways one can go about making such changes. One is with the power of crystals.

Power of Crystals

Some may view this as a joke, but some people can swear that crystals hold special powers. If no one is hurt by crystals, why would you want to shun the possibility of crystals offering great benefits?


Humans are very emotional beings, and emotions carry certain energy with them. Energy can not be destroyed or created de novo but can be transferred. For energy transfer to occur, certain prerequisites must be fulfilled depending on the type of energy transfer. When you want to get water to boil, you just heat the stove, and energy gets transferred continuously. However, some energy transfers require a precise amount of energy to be transferred due to their quantum nature.

Emotions work just like that. They require a specific amount of energy to be transferred. Certain crystals carry that compatible amount of energy within them which is how they can transfer energy. Whether you are talking about love and attraction crystals or health and wealth crystals, they carry different types of energy. You can not transfer love from a health crystal because they carry different energy within them. And you can not transfer love from an ordinary rock because rocks hold different energy.


Our thoughts also represent a certain type of energy transfer within our brains. For a thought to occur, our brains must generate action potentials in a certain sequence. For an action potential to occur, the neuron requires a certain amount of potential difference. A difference in potential between the membrane of a neuron is also a certain amount of energy. Crystals can resonate with these required energy levels for an action potential to occur.

This is why you feel and think differently near certain types of crystals. They resonate with you. Resonance represents a phenomenon when two different energy levels collide with each other due to their similarity. Resonance can either be constructive or destructive. With healing crystals, it is constructive. Destructive resonance occurs when you are surrounded by foul crystals or foul people. Your energy levels are so different, and they end up zeroing each other.

Personal experience

Every person has their own energy levels, which must be fulfilled for a certain emotion or thought to occur. We are all different, and all of us interact with each other and each crystal differently. There is a certain energy range where you can expect certain emotions or thoughts to occur. The selected crystals are within these ranges, which is why they work for many people. However, experiencing the presence of a crystal is a personal experience for everyone.

To truly get a grasp on this concept, you need to feel the crystal for yourself. For some people, the resonance will be so enormous, and they will feel the benefits. For some, the benefits may be minor or come with different benefits. This is why experimenting is very important with different types of crystals. We are all unique and have different personal experiences. Crystals are also unique.

Different crystals

Crystals represent highly ordered 3D structures of a certain compound in space. This compound is ordered symmetrically due to its most efficient packing within a crystal lattice. However, certain additives can reshape this symmetrical structure and thus achieve different energy levels. The reason Himalayan salt is rose and has different energy is all due to other additives in its crystalline structure.

If you have just one component in a crystal, every crystal will be the same and thus have the same energy levels. However, if you experiment with different crystallization formulas, you can achieve different energy levels. This is why experimenting with different crystals is important: finding the energy level that matches your own. There is also a whole new field of hybrid crystals with different compounds. Whether you are talking about a mix of inorganic and organic or supramolecular crystals, there is much to uncover here.

Your innovation

We are all unique, and there are many different crystals. By finding the combination of crystals that suits you, you are bringing innovation to this exciting field of healing crystals. You can discover something new about yourself and the whole concept of healing crystals. They are very powerful, and we are still trying to figure out how crystals help us the way they do.

However, with your unique contribution, you can find new energy levels and important data. You can become a trailblazer that can help people with energy levels similar to yours. By discovering such crystals, you are helping out yourself and many people out there.

Understanding the Power of Crystals

This short guide serves to make you understand the power of crystals. Many people have already listed which crystals are the best for certain things in life. However, it is important to understand crystals at a deeper level to truly appreciate them. Only a handful of people truly understand the real phenomena that give crystals their power. And there is nothing wrong with using crystals without the aforementioned knowledge.

However, by understanding the facts above, you can truly appreciate crystals on a different level now. With this type of understanding, you can find the appropriate crystals for you and the people close to you. Our brains are made to understand things on a different level. We want logic and systematic approaches. We want these two things because, with their help, we can use our surroundings to our advantage, including crystals.

Diana Muniz
Diana Muniz

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