5 Viking Symbols and the Meaning Behind Them

When you think of Vikings, you likely think of burly men battling in horned helmets. However, this isn’t strictly historically accurate. Not only did Vikings never wear helmets with horns on them, but they also were known for excellent hygiene and farming prowess! However, some of the Viking symbols that you would recognize from Norse mythology actually did exist.

Read on to learn more about Viking symbolism to understand this culture better.

1. Thor’s Hammer

Thor’s Hammer is one of the most recognizable Viking symbols from Norse mythology. Also called Mjölnir, which means lightning, this symbol shows the power that this God has over lightning.

It represents heroism and honor as well as self-reliance. Wearing Viking jewelry featuring Thor’s hammer showcases nobility and the importance of fighting for yourself and your nation.

2. The Tree of Life

Yggdrasil- the Tree of Life – is said to hold together the nine realms of existence. Because of this, it represents the way that all things in the universe are connected.

Additionally, the fruits that the tree bears were said to provide youth for all of the Gods. At the end of the world that stemmed from a battle between these gods, they also said that a man and a woman would hide inside the Tree of Life. It also, therefore, symbolizes new beginnings.

3. The Helm of Awe

The Helm of Awe, also called Aegishjalmur, is a Viking protection symbol. Its emblem is made up of eight branches shaped like tridents that come out of a center circle. This central point is what the tridents protect, just as Vikings protected each other and believed that the gods protected them in battle.

The symbol was thought to instill fear in their enemies and was painted on warrior armor. Vikings would draw a Helm of Awe on their helmets rather than wearing the horns that we now incorrectly associate with their culture.

4. Vegvisir

Guidance was just as important for Vikings as it is for us today. Vegvisir is comprised of many rune symbols that create a runic compass. Wearing this symbol was said to help warriors find their way when they were lost.

Sailors would draw it on Viking ships to make sure that they would not be lost at sea. So if you’re interested in finding out more on a Viking necklace that symbolizes direction, do your research and get an accessory that will always keep you moving the right way.

5. The Symbol of Odin

The Triple Horn of Odin (the Horn Triskelion) is made up of three interlocking horns. It is used as a symbol of inspiration and intelligence. Specifically, poets and artists use it to unlock their creativity.

Beyond the Basics of Viking Symbols

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