What Clothes Should You Wear With White Gold Jewelry?

This year, Americans will spend $18,823 million on jewelry. Are you planning to buy white gold jewelry, or have you been given a beautiful piece that you’re unsure how to wear?

Luckily, white gold jewelry is a classy choice that will make any clothes you wear look more glamorous.

In this article, we’ll give you a few ideas for outfits you can wear with your white gold jewelry. Let’s get started!

1. Floaty Dresses Are a Classic Look

White gold is becoming more and more popular. It is a cheaper option when compared to the popular platinum. Check out why you should choose white gold vs. silver.

To create it, white gold is made from the famous yellow gold and lighter alloys before it is plated in rhodium to increase its shininess and color.

If you are attending a party, a floaty dress is one of the best things to wear when wearing white gold jewelry. Choose a white dress that shows off your jewelry or something pretty and floral.

Keep your look simple, elegant, and chic to enhance the beauty of your white gold jewelry. This is the perfect summer outfit but perhaps not an excellent choice for clumsy people!

2. Athleisure Is Fashionable but Out There

Although this look couldn’t be more opposite to the previous styling tip, it’s worth trying out if you’re adventurous.

The athleisure market is expected to grow by almost 10% this year. We’ve seen celebs such as Kim and Kanye and Billie Eilish wearing athleisure and making it popular.

There are many looks to try out but layering your athleisure look with white gold jewelry is worth trying out if you’re a fashion lover.

Add multiple pieces to your workout clothes, and you have a look that you can wear to coffee with friends or to the shops. It’ll take some getting used to, but it’s certainly cool.

3. Linen for Spring and Summer

Are you going on a cruise this year? A third of Americans have been on a cruise. If you’re one of them, you’ll know that you need an extensive wardrobe for such a long trip!

You want to look great throughout the day but may also need to change your outfit for dinner in the evening.

Wearing linen, a large hat, and white jewelry will make you appear classy, expensive, and cruise-ship-ready.

Furthermore, this look is great for hot climates as linen helps you stay cool! White jewelry is a classic choice for summer too.

4. Wedding Dresses Work Well With White Gold

Although this look certainly isn’t one you can wear every day, you may want to consider wearing white jewelry to your or a friend’s wedding.

Couples are now spending more than $7,000 on engagement rings. Add in the jewelry expense for the big day and the wedding bands themselves, and you’re looking at a big chunk of change.

If you own white jewelry, try it on with your wedding outfit. You may feel like you need new pieces for your wedding, but this isn’t true.

When you’re marrying the love of your life, you won’t notice what jewelry you are wearing. Better yet, if you own white jewelry, you’ll be amazed by how beautiful it looks with a wedding dress.

Furthermore, have you ever considered a white gold backdrop necklace? This is the perfect choice for white gold wedding jewelry if you are itching for a new piece.

5. Consider Jewel Toned Outfits

Are you bored of wearing white with your white gold jewelry? Mix it up by trying bold colors such as royal purple or turquoise.

Furthermore, by choosing warm colors, such as reds, oranges, and yellows, you’ll create interest and draw the eye’s attention to the contrast with your white jewelry.

Alternatively, choose wild and out their patterns, then select a gorgeous yet simple piece of white gold jewelry.

While wearing bolder colors and significant patterns, don’t wear too much jewelry. It would be best to keep it simple and sophisticated to avoid looking over the top. (Unless you feel you can pull an OTT look off!)

6. Pull Back Your Hair and Tone Down Your Makeup

Why not change your look entirely and pull your hair back into a high knot or ponytail? Then, use hairspray to avoid whisps and keep your eye fresh for longer.

Wear bare-faced makeup or a dark lip if you’re feeling adventurous. Then, pair this with large, white gold earrings to draw attention to your face. You may be surprised by how much this suits you.

Even if you’re not someone who usually wears their hair back, you can add glamour to any look, be it a work outfit or a night out. For example, try this look and white gold jewelry with a simple top, skirt, or pantsuit.

Try White Gold Jewelry with More Outfits

Are you concerned that your white gold jewelry won’t work with your wardrobe? Then, simply trying out new looks will give you the confidence to wear this trend more.

Ask your friends and family what they think of your accessories whenever you see them. But, ultimately, if you like how your outfit looks, that’s all that matters!

Have you found helpful white gold jewelry tips and tricks in this article? Then, check the rest of the website for similarly helpful content to help you style your wardrobe!

Diana Muniz
Diana Muniz

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