What’s the Average Headhunter Salary?

Have you considered a career in headhunting?

Headhunting is a great career where you can scout the best professionals and align them with the best company for their needs.

You can help someone find their dream jobs and make their living. But what about earning your own living? What’s in it for you as a headhunter?

A headhunter salary can be very promising. Not only is the career rewarding on a professional level, but it’s also rewarding on a financial level.

Here’s what you need to know about a headhunter salary:


If you want to become a headhunter, you should first figure out what region of the country you wish to work in.

For example, in states in the Midwest, you might earn between $50K to $60K per year. This is a headhunter average salary and not one that’ll make you a fortune in the long run.

In the Northeast region, you can expect a larger headhunter income — between $70K to $80K per year.

If you work for several years in this field, you will graduate with a headhunter executive salary. This will be upwards of $100K per year. It’s always best to work in a region that has a high starting salary.


You want to make sure you focus on industries that are growing and offering jobs.

For example, a headhunter working in technology will always have opportunities. The same cannot be said for a headhunter seeking factory managers.

Research the top industries and become an expert on how they function. This will give you the knowledge on how to headhunt companies within profitable industries.

Retained Headhunters vs Commissioned Headhunters

You can choose whether you want to be a retained headhunter or a commissioned headhunter.

If you’re retained, it means that you work for a company or employment agency. You get paid a fixed salary to find the best talent for the company.

In the case of an employment agency, you’ll get paid to match professionals with a company. You might have a requirement to meet a quota each month or quarter.

You can only expect an increase after many years of experience with a fixed salary.

A commissioned headhunter can work for an agency or as a freelancer. You only get paid for as much as you work. Often, an executive headhunter’s salary is based on commission.

This is a lot harder but gives you more freedom to work as you please. A headhunter commission pay can increase your earning potential if you have the talent.

Many headhunters start working as retained headhunters first. After gaining experience, they’ll transition to working on commission to increase their headhunter income.

Make a Killer Headhunter Salary

Now that you know how a headhunter salary works, you can work toward making a killer salary in this profession!

It’s a challenging and extremely competitive profession. But if you enjoy meeting others and have an eagerness to learn, this is a great way to make a fortune.

Your next step is to study how to qualify to become a headhunter. Then you want to start finding the best headhunting opportunities in the best regions.

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