When Should I Call Local Movers? A Complete Moving Guide

Are you planning to move houses during the summer months? Or have you booked another time of year? Your local movers will be busier during certain months because too many people relocate simultaneously.

Therefore, you should always aim to call your moving company as soon as possible, especially during summer, which is usually the busiest time of the year. This will free a lot of weight off your shoulders because organizing a successful house move is never easy.

There are too many things to plan and think about. You will be bombarded with many tough questions, and the last thing you want to do is reschedule your move to the winter months when lifting heavy boxes with extra layers of winter jackets will be harder.

Here is everything you need to know about the best time to call your local movers to avoid moving mishaps that can cost you time and money.

Why Call Local Movers in Advance?

Booking your local moving company in advance will always benefit you as a customer. This is because they will have more flexibility to schedule your move instead of putting you on a “waiting list” if they are busy helping other relocators.

You can have your desired move day reserved and confirmed by picking up the phone early. This will help you concentrate on other aspects of the move, such as packing.

Packing can be a serious challenge, which is why you need plenty of time to focus instead of worrying about whether your movers will show up or not. Here are some incredible packing tips to get you started.

Another excellent reason for calling movers early is that you will receive a vigorously trained and highly experienced moving crew. They will know what is expected of them since they will have more time to communicate and discuss your relocation needs before the big day arrives.

Then you will have a more organized move instead of people scrambling around and wondering what to grab first. You will also get a much better deal by calling a moving company several weeks before your move.

Some companies enjoy rewarding their most proactive clients, who also help the business save a lot of time and money. Therefore, you may get a discount for an early booking.

You will also get a larger selection of movers to pick from. This will provide a better foundation to secure the most affordable and professional service you need.

Never Postpone Moving

You will enjoy the most stress-free experience when you book your movers early. This will ensure you never have to postpone booking a moving service if your dates are not confirmed.

This is because, during the summer months, some companies are forced to hire temporary workers. They may not have enough moving experience, and the last thing you need is unqualified strangers walking into your home.

When to Call Local Movers?

Remember that the summer months will be the busiest for moving. Everybody will be going somewhere during this time, so you should try to schedule your relocation date early if you want to move between May and September.

Demand for reputable and experienced movers can go through the roof during this time, especially if many people are moving cross country. Therefore, you should always call your moving company at least 4 weeks before the big day.

This is necessary because you have plenty of time to discuss where you are moving, any valuable items you have, the layout of your home, parking space for vans, and so much more.

If you are moving during the off-season winter period, you can book the most qualified local movers within a week or 2 in advance. However, you should always aim to stick to 4 weeks to ensure that you will not have to cancel or postpone plans if things go wrong.

Last Minute Bookings?

The best moving companies will go out of their way to accommodate relocations booked less than a month in advance. Some may even entertain last-minute bookings, but only if they have a cancellation.

You should never rely on a company’s good faith because there is never a guarantee, especially during summer. The more lead time you can give your movers, the more likely they will go out of their way to meet your requirements.

This is crucial for delivery and pick-up schedules. You may also need to discuss additional services, especially if you need movers to handle a massive piano or a super-valuable antique.

Even though there may be last-minute removers to give you a hand, they may not be the best company to work with. It is always better to research in advance to read reviews and contact different local movers to get the best quote.

Choosing a Good Moving Date

You should always choose a date in the slow season for the moving industry if you can delay your plans for a little while. This will help you save a lot of money while freeing up many moving companies to fulfill your needs. Avoid booking your relocation at the beginning or end of a month.

This is when rental leases begin and end, so there is a high chance of having many people move simultaneously. You should also stray from booking a move during public holidays.

Weekends should also not be the best time, especially Fridays. When most people work, they always schedule a relocation on weekends when they have time off.

Book the Movers Today

Now that you know the best tips for booking your local movers at the right time, the next step is to obtain a quote that fits your budget. Remember that there are busy and not-so-busy times for the relocation industry.

You will also need to read a lot of advice on saving money before picking your moving date.

However, it is always best to book your moving date early. This way, you can be stress-free while having extra time to focus on packing. If you enjoyed reading this relocation guide, check out some of our other posts for more information.

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