6 Great Places to Buy Drones Online

Buy Drones Online

There have always been artifacts that are transformed into fashion, but few of them have transcended that barrier to become something applicable to daily life, used as work tools, and even come to be applied in the military area.

Drones belong to this class of products that have come to stay.

There is a growing attraction towards these unmanned aircraft, and in case you are one of those people who want to enter this world, we will show you some suggestions that can help you to know which and where to buy drones online.

Simple Tips to Choose A Drone

Just like when you go shopping for groceries and you know exactly what you need, before buying a drone you should know what you are looking for, the following recommendations may be useful:

  • Establish a budget: there is a wide variety of products at your disposal, there are those who get in a toy store to professionals that cost thousands of dollars; if you are starting, it would be good to choose affordable drones.
  • Determine its purpose: there are professional leagues for speed competitions with drones, they are also applied professionally by photographers and cameramen, and even some industries have found in them a valuable tool, or you could just use yours for fun.
  • Think about the spare parts: if you are starting, you will surely suffer many falls, choose a drone easy to repair and whose parts you can easily acquire.

If you have already made up your mind, here are some suggestions, now we will present you with a list to find the best place to buy a drone.


Official Site

Beginning in 2006, this Chinese manufacturer based in Shenzhen has become an important brand within the sector. Its main products are:

  • Mavic in its different versions (2, air, pro platinum)
  • Spark
  • Phantom in its different versions (4 pro V2.0, 4 advanced)
  • Inspire 2

Although the list includes independent internet stores, it is the official online store of the DJI brand.

In this regard, the purchase experience in terms of technical information is very specific in each of its products; they have mostly professional drones for photography and video, although they also have a model for amateurs.

Unfortunately, price and variety here come at a cost; the number of people who complain about the purchase services through this site should not be ignored, as they lack of good customer service.


  • Drones made with excellent materials.
  • Availability of spare parts and improvement packages.


  • Very poor customer service, which includes difficulty communicating in a language other than Chinese.
  • They send your drone from far away, and it can suffer damage before reaching its destination due to packaging or poor handling.

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Drone Nerds

Official Site

Drone Nerds specializes in the supply of high-end drones, available for a wide variety of commercial, private and recreational needs.

It is an authorized distributor and leader in sales by DJI, they offer high-quality drones.

With a wide range of custom drone products and solutions available, you can choose the product you are looking for, or your engineers can design one specifically for your need.

They distribute other important brands, in addition to DJI:

  • PolarPro
  • Go professional cases
  • Red cameras
  • Autel Robotics
  • Sublue
  • FLIR thermal

It stands out in the case of those who decide to buy an online drone with this company that qualifies its delivery service as excellent, because not only do they fulfill their promise to deliver the product quickly, but always arrive in good condition, as we expect from a responsible company.


  • Distributors of the best brands.
  • Modify drones on request.
  • In case of buying a standard drone, the shipment is executed the same day.
  • They offer classes to learn how to pilot drones.
  • Technical service and assistance.


  • Classes are in Florida only.
  • You cannot receive technical support outside the United States.
  • If you buy with another person’s card, it is that person who must withdraw the product.

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Official Site

It consists of another large online store of Chinese origin dedicated to the sale of huge volumes of products, including drones of all price ranges, but especially those for personal or semi-professional use. Among the brands that distribute are:

  • Helifar
  • DJI
  • JJRC

Obviously, it is not a specialized vendor, so they do not offer technical service or anything similar.

Regarding the guarantee, it will depend on the seller from whom you made the purchase, and with the exception of the recognized brands, the rest of the drones that you can acquire here has the same possibilities of working well as of doing it wrong.

Many customers complain that their purchases take a long time to reach their home, even when paying fast shipping, so they attribute that Gear Best sells items without having them in stock.


  • Wide variety.
  • They have the best drone deals.


  • The product may take a long time to arrive.
  • If you request a refund, they will keep you waiting.
  • It is not a specialized seller.
  • Customer service takes time to respond, perhaps due to the volume of purchases.

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Best Buy

Official Site

Recognized American store, with headquarters in Canada and Mexico, Best Buy has a ridiculous variety of drones in terms of prices, brands, and applications.

Besides, it can easily be said that it is the best option to search the best camera for drone photography. Among the most outstanding brands here you will find:

  • GoPro
  • DJI
  • Parrot
  • XDrone
  • Protocol
  • Autel Robotics
  • Parrot

Buying online with Best Buy is a simple experience, in addition, they allow using different payment platforms for the purchase of their articles.

Another highlight is that most people believe that drones are only unmanned aircraft, but they can also be land vehicles, and even within this category there are different options for purchase.

Regarding the delivery service, users comment that it is not very efficient, because sometimes they delay more than expected, make mistakes with relative frequency, among other things.


  • Huge variety of drones, both in brands and prices.
  • Reliable sellers


  • If you do not know what you’re looking for, you can lose yourself between so many options.
  • Although normally the products do not suffer damage, their delivery service is not very efficient.

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Official Site

It is another Asian massive online store, in this case, established in Hong Kong since 2006.

Although they are not specialists in the drone sector, most of their customers are satisfied with their services, being the case that they usually replace Items that may arrive defective.

They have a good variety of drones of medium and high quality, among the brands they market, are:

  • Machine
  • Xiaomi
  • Charsoon
  • Hubsan
  • DJI
  • JJRC
  • Replace

Of course, they are not exempt from making mistakes, but they do offer a great warranty and you can also get spare parts for your drones here, or improvements if you want to maximize some aspect of their performance.


  • Variety in mid-range drones.
  • Most satisfied customers
  • Affordable prices
  • Availability of spare parts and upgrades


  • Few professional drones.

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B & H Photo

Official Site

Marketing products since 2000, is an online company based in the United States and has earned the reputation of being very reliable in its service, as well as efficient, in fact, many camera professionals after discovering this website they have not resorted to any other provider.

As expected from a top-level seller, they offer a variety of products, including the best, which is why you can easily search here for the best camera for drone photography, as they work with brands such as:

  • DJI
  • Hubsan
  • Autel Robotics
  • Blade
  • Parrot
  • Yuneec

On their site, they classify the drones according to the following categories:

Professional, Professional cinema, Beginner, Competitive, Commercial, Fixed wing, ROV, underwater and RC vehicles.


  • Specialized in the photographic and film sector.
  • Council section for beginner and expert users.
  • Highly reliable sellers


  • The website is a bit confusing.
  • The payment process is complicated.
  • It is not clear during the purchase the payment of customs taxes.

To Conclude

After reading our list of the best places to buy drones online, in addition to a few useful tips before making your purchase, you are in a better position to get exactly what you are looking for, at the best price, and selecting a provider that is up to your expectations.

The most outstanding of the list is Drone Nerds, because in addition to working with the best brands in the industry, have engineers and qualified technical staff to modify the drone that you will buy, offering an integral service; they also offer other services that give an added value, such as the drone flight school.

You must understand that no online provider is exempt from making mistakes in the shipment, making this reservation, you already know what are the characteristics of each of those that we present in the list, which can give you an idea of what to expect or what Search in case you decide to turn to an online drone seller outside our list.

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