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We used to think no one knew our bodies better than we did. We’d also felt a dildo was a dildo and a couples massage was some swinging dude at the back of Happy Endings Salon.

Then came an opportunity for us to do this Lelo review, and everything we thought we knew about buying sex toys online changed!

If you aren’t familiar with Lelo, you may have just become interested in having sex toys, or you’ve been in an extended coma. Either way, we’re here to give you the ‘what’s up’ on a Swedish line of Lelo sex toys, and high-quality intimate lifestyle products. We’re quite certain you’ll be as impressed as we were, and suspect you’ll be getting to see a lot more of your friendly neighborhood courier.

The entire story starts with a couple of industrial designers partnering with an engineer to revolutionize the sex toy marketplace, and the rest is nothing but happy endings for you and/or your partner. From the Lelo vibrators to the LUXE collection, to the Lelo warranty, and more, they are the authority in all things pleasurable in the online sex toy space.

Not sure you can take our word for it? The overwhelming amount of positive Lelo reviews from…ahem…satisfied’ customers should speak for itself. You know, even if their too out of breath to speak.


The best Lelo vibrator for you

Take, as an extraordinary example, the Sona ‘Cruise’. This clitoral massager has changed how you look (and use) clitoral massagers and, in between On and Off, you’ll find everything you need to…well…get off.

A typical Sona Cruise review would mention the sleek, body-safe medical grade silicone, the fact it’s waterproof (perfect for use in a ‘self-quickie’ in the shower), sonic pulses versus traditional vibrations (thus preventing any slowing down when pressure is applied), and reports of deeper, fuller orgasms.

Once you’ve regained your composure from the most amazing orgasm you’ve ever had, you may even be tempted to leave a Lelo Sona review of your own.

Lelo vibrator reviews would indicate no loss of pleasure anywhere throughout their sleek, modern, intensive designs, sizes, and shapes. Given the chance, they’re determined to help you decide on the best Lelo vibrator for you, and to one day have a Lelo in use in every fun-loving bedroom (or boardroom, an airplane bathroom, etc.) around the world, and this is apparent in their dedication to top quality, leading industry design.

How else do you sell a product in 40 different international markets, or how do you successfully sell sex toys worth that while averaging $100 USD, can range as high as $15,000 USD?

From additional products like the Lelo Soroya to the Lelo Lily, the Lelo Tiani, their HEX condoms, and the Mia, to product lines like the Insignia and Luxe and PICOBONG, to nuances like the Lelo charging indicators, gentle lights, and colors, and more the Lelo reviews are in…you’re going to be as pleased with the reviews, as you are the orgasm they help you have.

Whether treating her, treating him, treating them, or just want a little treat of your own, we’d highly recommend you check out Lelo.com before your next encounter.


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