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What is GroundLink?

Shared-ride service. GroundLink can be defined as simple as that. But we found that using their services isn’t just hiring a driver for a trip. With at least 15 years of experience, this company claims to offer top-notch black cars in excellent condition, clean and insured.

Like most online businesses, its founder created this company when he felt the need for a reliable and pleasant transportation service. Currently, they operate in 460 markets (cities) around the world. It can be said that they offer luxury transportation at a reasonable price when we think of quality.

What exactly does GroundLink do?

To book a trip using GroundLink, you can use different options:

Making a phone call.

Logging into the website.

By using the application.

OBT, GDS, or BRIO for you or your team.

It works easily. First, you have to select the type of vehicle. If you travel in a group of 4 people like me, small cars are no good for you. The reason is that they have a policy of not allowing anyone in the front seat. Each category shows the price when you indicate your start and endpoint.

But you can select different ways to travel. Travel from point A to point B, and if you need to add a stop. Book a trip by the hour if you don’t know how the day will go. Or schedule a return route if you need to make a single trip. Usually, the driver will be 15 minutes before the scheduled time. And with the Ride Now option, you get your rental car in about 10 minutes.

How much does it cost?

Indeed, this is not the cheapest option we have. But the benefits are worth it. For example, a trip for three in New York City from the Park Hyatt to Liberty International Airport. Using the economy option can cost $55 (not including tip and fare). But in certain cities, prices can be competitive.

Plus, they allow you to save money in several ways:

15% discount for Visa holders.

10 discount by applying a referral on the first trip.

10% credit for referring a friend, but we have 90 days to use it.

Promotion codes up to 10% discount.

Promotions with American Express (you can apply up to $25 with each registered card).

Is it reliable?

I found that most customers were satisfied after reading many references. They mainly mentioned the punctuality of the drivers. Another thing we like is how professional the drivers are. Also, knowing that they and the cars are insured is a favor to our travel insurance. There are no hidden fees. And we got the bill in the email, which speaks well of them.

Those who were complaining were doing it mainly because they couldn’t get a refund. But to be fair, nowhere on the website or application do they claim to have a refund policy. So make sure everything goes smoothly at the time of booking. No one complained about cars. They were always in perfect condition.


Very accessible through different devices or phone calls.

Easy to use applications and website.

Professional quality service.

Vehicles in perfect condition, immaculate.

Different types of trips that can be adapted to the client’s needs.

Variety of vehicles that fit the pocket of each client.

The tip is included in the payment, which speeds up the transport.

Facility to pay by automatic credit card payment.

Possibility to save money through coupons and promotions.


Higher price than other applications or a taxi.

No refund policy.

Sometimes cars are not available at the time we need them.

I cannot use the front seat. This makes the trip more expensive for groups of 4 people.

The Ride Now option is not available at all destinations.


GroundLink is a reliable carpool company. With solid experience and presence in the main international destinations. It is characterized by the punctuality and good service of its drivers. And also for the comfort of the cars they use.

The price may not suit everyone. But as we read in one of the reviews, you get what you pay for. Some things could be improved, like the return policy. However, a driver is no longer available when we rent. If we don’t use it, they could return at least a reasonable percentage of the money. Still, they can generally gain your trust if you decide to try it.

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