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Health IQ is an insurance broker created to help people aware of the importance of leading a healthy life at a price that fits their pocket and needs.

Furthermore, the company was founded under the idea of a man who suffered from chest pains after a race, with sub-sequential health issues reflected due to a life full of bad habits that eroded his performance and essence.

This is how his interest arises in creating an option for people to need the facility to dedicate their lives to health and, supposedly, securing rates that adapt to their needs.

Acquiring the rates of this service is very easy. It does so through its website. It is important to note that being a life insurance broker, they do not provide direct policies. Through their associations, they provide or suggest term and life insurance policies from more than 30 providers.

What does Health IQ offer?

This broker offers Term Life and Whole Life insurance:

Term life insurance offers coverage for 10 to 30 years and a fixed payment of benefits in the event of death while the policy is active. Premium cancellation dates are monthly, quarterly, or annually and remain always the same.

On the other hand, whole life insurance is an insurance that guarantees protection permanently. Payments are usually higher than those for term life, but it has the advantage of extended coverage in the beneficiary’s life.

Within the policies are also the options of:

  • Child Term: This allows you to add your children to the insurance package.
  • Premium: If you are disabled or lose income due to an injury or illness, the primes would automatically be canceled.
  • Disability Income: Provides supplemental income if you are completely disabled.

The recommended insurance provider will determine the cost of your insurance because Health IQ is only a broker. Yet, they seem confident to offer that they can help you save up to 41%.

Advantages of Health IQ

1. Offering good rates for healthy people

Health IQ reserves its lowest rates for health-conscious people, regardless of what your healthy lifestyle is. So, whether you are a runner, athlete, vegan, or you have just determined to pursue a healthy lifestyle and decide to invest in your health, you will get a decent discount.

2. You can get a custom subscription

Low rates come from a personalized subscription that considers your lifestyle and everything you know about health. On the other hand, factors such as low resting heart rate or a family history of health conditions are considered.

3. Easy and simple to use

Health IQ offers a free quote tool that can help you get an idea of what you can expect to pay before starting the process and becoming part of the company. Besides, you have the option to study your budget and find a quote that will fit your pocket.

Disadvantages of Health IQ

1. It is not a direct insurer

Even when you deal directly with Health IQ before getting the insurance, you will have to extend any disclaim to your final partner. On the other hand, this still makes Health IQ a nice tool to evaluate several quotes, and response times are usually not bad.

2. It is not ideal for those with poor health

This idea arises from a person who had problems with his health at some stage of his life and had to act immediately, precisely to have a quality of life, and this implied changing harmful habits in their diet and those who deprived him of health.

That is why the rates established by this runner are designed solely and exclusively for people who want to continue with a healthy, active lifestyle or at least are committed to a healthy life.

So, if healthy living isn’t part of your rhythm, it’s appropriate for you to turn to other providers or insurers that fit your needs.

3. There is no online platform

For Health IQ, the online quote form, which you will complete, is the only online service available.

To perform all other formalities, such as requesting a quote online, will require an operator to take your application and guide you through the process.


Like any broker, it has its positive and not so positive things; however, Health IQ has stood out for being a responsible broker with the best rates from its providers. Are you healthy enough? Try to get a quote then.

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