Best Hollywood Gossip Websites to Bookmark

Hollywood Gossip Websites

While Hollywood life seems a mystery, we now can find out a lot more about our favorite stars. To make your search easier, today we bring you a list of the best Hollywood gossip websites to pin on your browser’s bar.

Hollywood Life

Official Site


Hollywood Life is a page that gathers all the important information about the show business. From photos to videos and important news can be found within the page.

Within the site, you can get all the news of Hollywood show business simply. It has several menus to visit and know different news and also an email to subscribe.

People can check the site for free. Also, subscribing to the site is free of charge.

Yes, Hollywood Life, is a free platform, has earned the trust of people only with news that serves daily to fill the portal with fresh information.


  • It has different information menus.
  • The portal is constantly updated throughout the day.


  • They don’t have a mobile application

It’s a good page to find out about daily entertainment. Even if you don’t have mobile support the page has everything you need to keep up with Hollywood trends.

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Official Site


Celebuzz has everything you need to know about show business. Music, sports, actors, and much more are covered within the site daily with their news.

The site reports all the major news from Hollywood and other areas in one place while offering different categories to make it easier to read.

Reading the news and keeping up to date is free on Celebuzz, everything is completely free.

The site is quite reliable. Their sources are always reliable in terms of the information they provide and do not tend to upload fake news.


  • The site is almost perfectly organized.
  • The news is updated daily


  • You do not have a newsletter subscription

Celebuzz is a page that allows you to get to know the most important news about Hollywood and the show in general very easily.

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Us Weekly

Official Site


A page that brings together everything about the show in one place and within a magazine that is published constantly.

Us Weekly collects all kinds of news and creates a space within the site in an organized way so that people can keep up with the most important news.

There is no cost to review the page, while their digital and physical publications are priced at 26 publications at a cost of $30.94 each.

The site has a great track record in the world of news. All your sources are confirmed and the number of people who subscribe to your magazine creates a lot of confidence for new users.


  • The magazine can be purchased both digitally and physically
  • You have several payment methods for the initial subscription


  • The international shipping costs of your physical publication are somewhat high

Being a digital and physical magazine, it attracts quite a lot of attention, so it is quite recommended to enjoy the latest in show business.

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Official Site


People are one of the magazines that have been covering the show business for a long time. Its great variety of news makes it unique against its competition.

People magazine gathers all kinds of news on its website and in its publications, covering controversial topics of interest to the public at large.

The virtual section of the magazine has no cost, those who wish to receive a physical version can do so for $1.42 or $1.52 depending on the plan they choose.

People are one of the most reliable magazines when it comes to entertainment. They have been informing and skillfully treating their customers for several years.


  • It’s one of the most influential magazines in show business
  • They present a variety of information in each publication


  • Some content does not appear in the virtual publication

Thanks to its great trajectory, People is one of the pages worth having on our list to learn about the world of Hollywood during our day to day.

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E! Online

Official Site


Another one of the great Hollywood Gossip Websites, E! Online is a perfect place to keep up with the channel’s news and shows. It is a combination of show and entertainment in one place.

E! Online is in charge of collecting the most relevant information in the world of show business, which also varies according to the region where the person enters. It also serves as a channel information space.

There is no cost to review E! Online’s publications, nor is there a subscription to the site.

Both the channel and the E! website have been informing and giving people something to talk about for several years. It is a site that has earned the trust of people and the entertainment world in general.


  • It has the support of the E! channel for the news
  • Your language changes depending on the region you enter


  • E! Online does not have a monthly magazine
  • The site does not have a good news segmentation

Thanks to the number of years that E! has been in the world of show business, it is one of the best options to review everything about this world in the day to day.

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The Hollywood Gossip

Official Site


The Hollywood Gossip is a quite complete site that offers all kinds of news regarding Hollywood and its celebrities.

The site serves as a news broadcast of the most important news in the world of Hollywood, as well as a library for those who wish to review some ancient history within its archive.

The site is completely free for those who wish to keep abreast of the Hollywood world.

All the information and reliability of The Hollywood Gossip is checked twice before being published, so it has a quite complex trust system.


  • It offers a variety of news from other fields
  • It covers several important topics outside the show


  • The page has a monotonous design

Except for its design, The Hollywood Gossip is a pretty good site to keep up with Hollywood news and general entertainment.

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Official Site


An innovative page where you can see it. RadarOnline has sought to take news and gossip from the world of celebrities to a new level with its portal, offering all types of news daily.

The page offers its news with an innovative menu that is divided into different topics. Besides, the news is updated daily so that people can keep up to date with the most important news.

RadarOnline is free to use. The page is free to visit and has no alternative subscriptions.

The site has been offering news of all kinds for some time, and with sources that confirm its information, making it a fairly reliable site.


  • The page has an innovative menu
  • The way of navigation is quite interactive.


  • They don’t have an app to review on mobile devices

Thanks to its innovative system, RadarOnline has positioned itself as one of the best sites for reading news and keeping up with the world of entertainment for free.

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Official Site


TMZ’s website is known for being a world-class showcase for entertainment in general. Along with sites like People, E! is one of the most important gossip sites.

The site focuses on providing all kinds of news regarding the show and celebrity highlights throughout the site.

People can check out the site at no cost, as well as subscribe to the site at no additional cost.

TMZ has been in several scandals for being at the top of the news, but they always end up confirming what they are going to publish and this has made them one of the most important news portals.


  • You have other news options, such as sports
  • Their portal is updated daily


  • No other language support
  • You have no magazines or other ways to promote your content

Being a page with so much travel, TMZ is quite famous and this is demonstrated by the number of people who review it. If we want to be aware of the show and entertainment, it is a great option to have marked.

We hope that you enjoyed our review of the best Hollywood gossip websites. if you did enjoy, make sure that you check out the other articles on Good Sites Like.

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