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We are constantly worried about the same idea of how to get more money to deal with life? Many have decided to explore free investment markets such as forex, although the risk involved is high, more than 70% of the forex targets lose their investment, what to do than to earn money through financial tools? Search for the best ally.

An ally of one of the most stable financial institutions of today, Merrill Edge is an online agent that can be qualified as a broker, since it allows its users to invest in certain securities, giving you the opportunity to strengthen your future by operating in the market and make a profit, at your own pace and with high-quality tools.

How Merrill Edge Works

Put simply, you can find many ways to invest in order to generate income easily. For example, some of the values or ways to invest are:

  • Stocks
  • ETFs
  • Investment funds
  • Fixed Income and Bonds
  • Margin loans
  • Online investment and trade
  • BofAML US 1 List

Merrill Edge Select Advantages

A prominent aspect of Merrill Edge is evident, the fact that your account is linked to the checking account in Bank of America, which implies several advantages.l

You can sign in from Bank of America and manage your Merrill Edge account and vice versa, which saves time and money management. You can also transfer funds between accounts without problems, and these features are also available in the mobile app.

Also, remember that you can have personalized customer service in approximately 2500 branches of BofA. The commission to exchange stocks and funds quoted on the stock exchange with Merrill Edge for $ 6.95 is an advantage considering that of its competitors.

Financial Education

We can affirm that it is the strongest point of this platform, to the point that it received 5 out of 5 stars for “research” and “user experience” of “Best Online Brokers” of Kiplinger Personal Finance in 2018.

They have achieved this by providing research through articles and videos online from their own BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research, as well as from external suppliers, including Morningstar, CFRA, Trefis, and Recognia.

They have a large number of educational resources, including videos, articles, courses, and webinars, all of which can be searched through experience or the investment theme.

Additionally, the Morningstar investment room is available on the site to improve your skills in finance, after all, investing in funds and values is an activity that requires a lot of skill and preparation.

Other Features

Using the “Fund History” function, you can investigate the holdings of a mutual fund (what you are investing in), the sectors covered, the historical performance, the qualifications of professional analysts, third parties and more.

Also, through the tariff analyzer, you can see illustrated the cost of owning a fund over time.

Likewise, “Stock Story” offers you detailed information about individual actions, that is, a history of the movements you have executed (as well as check the history of your bank account), and in an easy to follow format.

A very useful tool is Merrill Edge MarketPro, however; requires Java and has restricted access, as it is only available to customers who maintain a combined balance of $ 50000 or more in the Merrill Edge, Merrill Lynch and/or Bank of America accounts. Another option to own this professional management tool is to perform at least 15 operations per quarter.

Why Trust Them

First of all, we can point out that you have been credited with several international recognition, for example, only in 2018 Merrill Edge was the best ranked worldwide by the Customer Service Institute of America and received an Award for Excellence in International Service in the category Visionary.

They were also named one of the best online brokers, receiving 4 out of 5 stars in five consecutive years (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018).

Besides, keep in mind that this service is backed and associated with Merrill Lynch Private Banking & Investment Group, US Trust and Bank of America.


Merrill Edge is a solid investment management agent, especially outstanding in educating its clients so that they are fully trained to manage their investment on their own, although for a small fee you can receive help from an expert advisor.

In addition, the multiple awards received guarantee its excellent customer service.

Therefore, by choosing this service you can dedicate yourself occasionally or full time to generate money investing in funds and other financial values with the help of an excellent tool.

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