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As a business owner, realizing you’re short on money is always a terrifying experience. It’s the gateway to a dangerous path towards financial instability, but it doesn’t always have to lead to that ending. Getting a business loan through a trusted service like National Funding could save you from worry and give your business the time it needs!

Getting To Know National Funding

When they started in 1999, National Funding mostly leased business equipment, but they shifted their business model to offer Merchant Cash Advances and now offer small business loans.

Many people prefer going through online companies like National Funding instead of banks because of the speed and looser qualifications. National Funding is exceptionally popular with small businesses for their fast funding.

What National Funding Offers Businesses

Getting a loan through National Funding offers you a quick and convenient solution to your business encounters’ last-minute financial needs. Since they’re one of the largest small business lenders in the country and offer their services in all 50 states, National Funding has quite the reliability tacked onto their name.

National Funding offers a special versatility that large banks or other companies can’t follow, making it a great choice for unique needs or unconventional companies. It also means they can really work with anyone at any time, and with the simplicity of their application and the speed they work at, it’s a great company to trust.

What Do Loans Through National Funding Look Like?

Interest rates for small business loans are always the key cause of concern when owners consider borrowing money for whatever they need quick cash for. Loans through National Funding aren’t broadly more expensive than what other companies offer, but we’ll take a closer look at the exact details that are included.

  • Amounts ranging from $5,000 – $500,000 are available
  • These loans are unsecured, so you don’t have to promise anything in return
  • Interest rates average out to about 26%
  • 24-hour funding
  • Fast, easy application and loose approval requirements
  • 6-15 month repayment term plans available
  • Daily or weekly payment options
  • Reports to the credit bureau to help your business build credit

What Types Of Loans For Small Businesses Are Offered?

National Funding caters to a large group of businesses and can help fund various projects and financing needs. Some of the most popular industries that rely on National Funding for help are retailers, construction, beauty, and contractors.

Besides their loans, both short and long-term and ranging in amount and APR, National Funding offers equipment leasing and MCAs (merchant cash advances). If you’re going through National Funding for a loan, it may be beneficial to your company to check out their other available services, too!

Since National Funding is so flexible and willing to customize their loan terms depending on your business and target industry, countless loan types are available to you.

How To Apply For A Small Business Loan

If you’re wondering, “do I qualify for a business loan” the answer is most likely yes. National Funding doesn’t have the impossible requirements set to approve your business for a loan.

To apply, you need a business credit score of 600, been open for at least a year, and be able to provide 3 months worth of recent bank statements on your earnings and spending. If you can do that, you’re all set! National Funding will likely approve you within 3 minutes, and you’re on your way.

According to CEO Dave Gilbert, established businesses are preferred over those that can be a little sketchy or unreliable in guaranteed income. Discussing your options with National Funding can help you get a better idea of how you can get approved for more if you’re unhappy with what they offer.

How Does National Funding Serve Small Businesses?

There are quite a few different reasons that National Funding appeals to small businesses. When you’re a company that isn’t big in numbers, you want to have a good connection with who you trust with your finances, and borrowing money is always a big decision.

Why is National Funding a great option for small businesses? Please take a look at the few things they provide other lenders.

  • Trust and a strong client history. They’ve served over 350,000 companies and have 5-star reviews everywhere.
  • Obligation-free! You don’t need down payments on your loan or any commitment made until you sign the contract.
  • Their personalization is above par. They really cater to the businesses’ needs and don’t see you as just another number on paper.

Extremely high approval rate. National Funding hates to tell people no!

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