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When you open your business, and things start to go well, the first thing you realize is that you need to improve communications. Here is where phone and IP phone companies enter the game. As for Ooma Office, we decided to review and let you know if it is worth the effort.

What is Ooma Office?

Ooma is a company that offers free and low-cost telephone services over the Internet for both home and business. This is specifically the case of Ooma Office.

This service works using high-speed internet that provides advanced features and services that connect as quickly as possible.

What does Ooma Office offer?

Ooma Office offers many functions, tools, and features to help your business, such as unlimited local calling to both national landlines and mobile phones for free and without limits.

But the service is extended and offers you the possibility to make unlimited calls to landlines in Europe, specifically countries like Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

It also includes an IP phone in the monthly fee of each Ooma Office user. These phones are shipped to the WeWork facility of your choice and are pre-configured with all your information.

Ooma Office also allows you to provide additional phone numbers for your business beyond those already included in the initial subscription. And one or multiple numbers ‘can be assigned to the virtual receptionist, a user, or the conference service.

As far as the virtual receptionist is concerned, this option allows your company to make a good professional impression. The virtual receptionist automatically answers the calls received and redirects them to the right place.

With this business tool, you will be able to maintain your company’s identity no matter if you change your phone company since it has the possibility of carrying your Ooma numbers without additional costs.

As a common user, you will also be able to receive and make calls at any time, no matter if another user uses the services simultaneously.

It also has a conference server that can host up to 10 conference rooms simultaneously, each with up to 10 participants.

Another option in Ooma Office is the virtual fax, which allows users to send faxes electronically using the Ooma web portal and receive faxes directly to their number, including mail attachments.

Music on hold and music streaming is also included in the phone services offered by this business product. Through this option, you have the option to share information related to your products or about your company, testimonials, or music for your customers to listen to while they wait to be transferred to the corresponding department or to be finally attended.

And for the end-user, there is the option of call forwarding, so that calls received at a given user’s extension can be sent to their mobile phone or to the landline phone they have, in addition to the option of blocking caller ID so that when they make calls, their identity is anonymous. They can protect the security of the phone number they are calling from.

These are just some of the many features and functions that Ooma Office has.

Is Ooma Office reliable?

Even though it has been reviewed both positively and negatively by users who use the service, the most relevant feature is that users have one thing in common that afflicts them.

This makes Ooma Office’s service lose credibility and consistency. This is because they claim that Ooma Office’s Customer Service is so poor that they would not generate a good opinion about it.

However, many users give Ooma the thumbs up with the best score and say that Ooma is one of the best business solutions related to internet and phone communication.

Ooma Office advantages

  • Easy to set up and start using.
  • Wide range of features at a low price.
  • The Ooma Bussines platform is robust and reliable.
  • Your customers will get professional experiences when they call you.
  • Customize the size of your company.

Disadvantages of Ooma Office

  • Sending messages through the desktop is not allowed, only through mobile devices.
  • Certain connectivity issues in some cases.
  • Problems with unresponsive technical support staff.


While having bad customer service is a problem, the Ooma office offers a good and consistent communication service. Furthermore, the pricing isn’t horrible, and they have a nice international communication network. Give Ooma a try if you think it will benefit your business. But keep the cons in mind.

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