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It is no secret that to obtain good credits, it is necessary to have a great credit score, and anything below 600 is not convenient.

A bad credit score can generate rejections or excessively high rates. This is why credit repair agencies are dedicated to helping borrowers improve their position, and with it, their possibilities of growth.

Pyramid Credit Repair is a web company dedicated to providing an efficient credit repair service.

They claim that during the first 30 days, the results can begin to be seen and, in 90 days, improve –although this does not mean that a score of 350 is repaired at that time-.

How Pyramid Credit Repair works

After completing the registration, you must choose between the service for singles and couples. The packages offer similar conditions:

  • Live dedicated dispute manager (s)
  • Professional and personalized conflicts solved by expert staff
  • Personal online dashboard
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Credit reports from 3 offices
  • Comprehensive tools
  • Monthly investment

In the case of the couple’s accounts, you can share and compare your recovery plan by accessing your raw credit report and working hand in hand with your advisor.

The accounts for couples also offers a 50% discount during the first month, and there are no contracts so that you can cancel the service at any time.

A factIt is not necessary to be married to get the discount. If you and your partner share bills and/or live together, register together to enjoy the discount.

When you choose a service, a dedicated administrator will help you analyze your credit rating and establish a recovery strategy.

Finally, Pyramid Credit Repair is dedicated to resolving your case and optimizing support to achieve the desired results.

Should I Use Pyramid Credit Repair?

This company is committed to achieving the desired results thanks to their experience in this financial recovery sector since 2010, applying their own products and services aimed at borrowers who need to control their finances.

From your point of view, these are the reasons to acquire their services:

  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • You get a knowledgeable personal account manager
  • Well-established database and reliable platform to formulate a tailored customized plan
  • The credit team and dispute experts use a rigorous process to examine and hold credit sources accountable for misrepresentations
  • Your personal board is a guardian of all relevant matters; communications, score tracking, results, and analysis
  • They remain transparent in their dealings, and you can cancel the service whenever you want
  • You can pay on the fly and cancel at any time

Another favorable factor is that they work directly with creditors and credit agencies until the disputed problems are resolved.

After a brief period, they perform a double back up and check to ensure that everyone has achieved the expected results, which summed up their records and reviews to make them reliable.

Other Important Aspects

Pyramid Credit Repair has a section of frequently asked questions where they clarify 18 common doubts among users.

They have also integrated a blog section, where users can exchange opinions, and they offer one free product that can be very useful if you do not want to pay for the service or if you want to test the quality of the service.

When you sign up for free credit evaluation, you will get:

  • Your credit analyzed by a professional
  • One consultation call with an account manager

When requesting a report of your credit rating from the three main rating agencies (the method used by Pyramid Credit Repair), you can easily detect any error or misrepresent your credit record.

Take A Shot!

With this website, you can improve your credit rating in exchange for $99 per month. It is a worthwhile service, considering that it can help you save a lot of money by avoiding excessive fees or increasing the chances of obtaining the approval you need to achieve your goals.

They also have a blog and online tools that can help you use credit improvement methods.

Give it a try, and find out a good ally in your mission for recovering your credit score back to life and get the best rates and credits you can aim for.

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