Racing Websites That Will Keep You On Track

Car racing wasn’t for everyone, but now the internet is here, and all fans can get to become experts in the rally topics. So, we decided to bring you a nice list of the best Racing websites that will keep you on track!

Racing Edge

Official Site

Racing Edge is a site that connects all kinds of car enthusiasts in one place. News, car sales, and photo galleries are what you can get within a visit to the Racing Edge site.

The Racing Edge website serves as a connection to the world of news regarding global racing and the buying and selling of cars. The only requirement is that the cars sold within site are either classic or racing cars.

You can use the platform for free without any additional costs. The cost of using the page comes when you want to buy a car since not even the subscription to its news section has any cost.

On the other hand, Racing Edge is one of the most reliable websites in Canada. Their social networks are a sign of how serious they are about doing business and informing people, which is appreciated by much of their community.


  • It is a didactic site that allows us to buy or sell high-quality cars.
  • There is no cost to use their services.


  • They do not have a mobile phone application.

To sum up, Racing Edge is a good site for racing and car lovers that combines everything you need in one place without having to look for other options.

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Official Site

A page that combines everything you need to know about global racing news in one place. From Formula 1 to Nascar are covered by the MotorSport news section.

MotorSport serves as a news gathering site for major racing events worldwide where people can get all the information they need about races, events, and more.

Here you can register for free and then opt-in for a subscription, which costs $6 per month or $40 per year.

Moving on, the site has been providing information to people for several years. It is one of the leading news media in the United States and one that is quite trusted internationally.


  • They have several language options
  • It has a variety of news sections.


  • Their streaming platform is somewhat heavy.
  • You don’t have many options to pay for the subscription.

If some details are polished, MotorSport could become one of the most interesting pages worldwide. Its repertoire of news already makes it quite well known but still needs to polish things.

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Racing Sport Cars


Official Site

Racing Sports Cars is a pretty simple page. The site collects important information about racing and cars so that readers can visit and learn more about the history of racing worldwide.

Despite being a small site, Racing Sports Cars are in charge of having a large library of information for all racing and car lovers. It also serves as an introductory site for beginners.

The site is free to use and register. Nevertheless, their only income comes from users’ donations, so think about donating if you like the site.

Despite being a small site, users have placed their trust in the site, and you can find a section where the verdicts of use of the site are displayed.


  • The site accepts contributions from its users instead of paid memberships.
  • It’s a nice site for beginners to learn about racing.


  • The design of the page is not striking.
  • They only receive donations through PayPal.

With a few tweaks within the page in terms of design, Racing Sports Cars can be a great site for car lovers and the world of racing. At the moment, its presentation needs to be improved. Its content is already quite eye-catching.

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Official Site

Autoweek is a site that provides a little bit of everything in the automotive world. In this case, its racing news section is the one that catches our attention the most, as it offers an innovative design and fresh news.

The Autoweek page is for news, car, and racing information. They also have a reading space with important notes about races and important drivers who have left their mark on the competition.

There is no cost for the site, and your subscription by mail is not an expense either, so it is completely free.

The site provides only verified and certified information. It also has a space to ask that people’s data not be used without their consent, which few sites provide today.


  • Protects user data if required
  • Subscription is free of charge


  • They do not have a streaming platform.

Autoweek is a great site for those who love the world of cars and racing. The only thing they could improve would be their reach, as they are limited to an English-speaking audience; otherwise, they offer quality content and constantly update it.

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Official Site

Racer is a pretty inclusive site. Besides offering everything related to cars and races, the site has a section of news about eSports and a streaming service to keep up with the main competitions.

The Racer platform links its users to the automotive world’s highlights in the form of news, videos, and podcasts. Everything can be found in one place, and its information is of high quality.

The site has a free section; however, it has a subscription system for the United States, Canada, and the rest of the world at different prices. Their subscriptions range from $10 to $179.

On the other hand, Autoweek is one of the leading magazines and news sites of its kind in the United States and worldwide.


  • The page has a wide variety of news.
  • Its design is quite eye-catching and car-focused


  • Payments for your international subscriptions are very high.
  • They only accept credit cards as payment methods.

This is fairly traditional regarding design and quality information for all users who visit it. Thanks to all its services, it is worth keeping up to date with this page to not miss out on any important moves in the world of racing.

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Racing News

Official Site

Racing News is a page that brings together everything important about racing, both real and virtual, in one place. Besides that, it covers the main competitions regularly.

The site is responsible for collecting all the important news and presenting it to its users. The page segments each of the competitions and thus facilitates the passage of users through the page.

Racing News has no cost. People can register and subscribe without making a payment.


The site has been distributing news for years, and its users have been very reliable over the years. Besides, some users promote the site on their sites.


  • They have innovated their news by offering reports on racing esports.
  • Their menu is quite organized, so it’s easy to find the different categories.


  • They don’t have an internal streaming platform.

Despite not having a space for streaming, Racing News is a quite complete page that allows us to keep up to date with the races worldwide with just one click.

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Speed Sport

Official Site

From news about the races to personal reports can be obtained within the Speed Sports page. Focused on all types of competitions and with a platform for streaming, it has everything you need to keep us on track with just one click.

Speed Sport gives us the facility to be aware of all the competitions and news highlights in the automotive world. Besides, thanks to its streaming platform, people can enjoy the races without visiting other sites.

There is no cost to use the site; your magazine subscription costs $39.95 physical and $19.95 digital.

Speed Sport has been supplying the market with the most important racing news for years and offering quality services within its site quite frequently.


  • It has its streaming service
  • It has a unique and striking design in terms of its menu and news.


  • The price of their digital magazine is somewhat high compared to the competition.

Speed Sport is a complete page that offers reports, news, and sections for streaming in one place. Speed Sport has everything necessary to meet users’ main needs who are interested in this type of event.

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