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Maintaining family stability is an essential task. Well-being is something that is built on sound decisions. And where do we go when we want support for our goods, health, and loved ones? Well, an insurance company.

In this way, given the enormous number of insurance offers in the market, today we will clarify all the doubts about Simple Landlord Insurance with this review.

What is Simple Landlord Insurance?

Simple Landlord Insurance is presumably an important ally when it comes to protecting real estate.

Its insurance tools offer a set of favorable options that allow you to take care of one or many properties in a reliable manner. Interestingly, policies have dedicated features for properties that are leased to other users.

From the basic protection of a property to the protection of a complete consortium, are some of the many insurance tools offered by the Simple Landlord Insurance conglomerate.

As its name implies, it is, in short, an insurance company.

What does a Simple Landlord Insurance offer?

It mainly offers building insurance.

In this way, with policies starting at approximately $150, you have access to a set of benefits that protect much more than your assets.

On the other hand, the service of protection against any unforeseen event and coverage ranges from $98,000.00 to $2,700,000.00. Although it may seem expensive, these cover cases of natural accidents such as earthquakes, tsunamis, catastrophes, fires, among others.

Besides, all policies have a $3,000.00 fund for minor preventive repairs.

In case your property is in rental use, and for some reason, an unforeseen event occurs that puts tenants at risk, Simple Landlord has special coverage. It offers lodging in hotels close to the property for up to 2 years while the pertinent repairs are made.

Its coverage is so wide that it even includes tenants’ damage to objects belonging to the property. If the equipment is stolen from the property, coverage of up to $5,000.00 is available to replace the stolen property.

What’s the catch?

Well, to begin with, policies have a relatively high contract and maintenance cost. On the other hand, the assumptions through which you can initiate a claim are particular.

Is Simple Landlord Insurance Reliable?

By reviewing the different internet portals in charge of the users’ assessment of the different companies, it can be determined that there is an important variation of opinions.

In the Trustpilot portal, Simple Landlord Insurance has more negative than positive ratings.

Public opinion is of great importance in this type of evaluation, and its detractors represent 88% of the opinions, who rate Simple Landlord as negative and not recommended.

However, the insurer has the endorsement and award of more than 5 companies that evaluate insurance companies. Besides, it is endorsed by the Better Business Bureau.

In short, we can assure you that Simple Landlord Insurance is not a scam. However, considering that the conditions for the insurance to be activated are too specific, they may give you a hard time.

Advantages of Simple Landlord

  • It is an adaptable and easily accessible safety device.
  • The insurances are very wide and cover details and unforeseen events of all kinds.
  • Includes accidental damage.
  • It has so many variations that it allows you to personalize the policy to your property type based on its use.
  • The Property Liability service is comprehensive and beneficial to all parties involved.
  • Prices vary depending on the policy purchased – although they are usually high.

Disadvantages of Simple Landlord

  • You must pay an administrative fee more than 14 days after it is due.
  • You must pay a cancellation fee if you decide to terminate the contract during or after 14 days.
  • The conditions for collecting insurance are difficult to meet beyond paper.


As with any insurance company, it is advisable to consider all possible clauses before purchasing a policy.

Most detractors complain about the cancellation fee, but that is stipulated within the clauses. On the other hand, other users indicate that two specific policy elements prevent insurance from being charged in some cases.

Users should appreciate the advantages offered and consider in-depth each of the indications involved in fulfilling the contract.

In short, the company is not a scam, customer service is decent, and policy coverage is quite broad. However, policy policies are not always convenient, and entry and exit fees are a bit unfair.

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