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We have talked a lot here about the home, vehicle, and health insurance. But, what if something happens to your phone? Or your Laptop gets smashed?

If your newly acquired device is part of your productivity, isn’t it ideal to have insurance? That’s where Simplesurance claims to be the answer. Therefore, here is our review.

What is Simplesurance?

It is a company that is operational in the UK, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, and Japan. They provide a catalog of insurance options for newly purchased devices, such as mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and computers.

Simplesurance offers the benefit of a warranty extension of up to 48 months (2 years), and this is one of the things that sets it apart from other mobile device insurers.

What insurance do they offer?

Damage protection for mobile electronic devices guarantees mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, respecting the policies adapted for some devices, models, and brands such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC, and Huawei.

Damage protection for stationary electronic devices guarantees covers for computers, video game consoles, televisions, and hi-fi systems.

Extended warranty for mobile devices is extended coverage for mobile devices for up to 24, 36, or 48 months.

Extended warranty for stationary electrical devices: This coverage is extended for various electronic devices and kitchen appliances: refrigerators, washing machines, coffee makers, and many more, from 24 to 48 months or more.

What does it offer?

For cell phone insurance, what these policy covers are:

  • Broken screen, if the screen breaks or due to a fall, a technical defect occurs.
  • Liquid damage, When your equipment comes into contact with some liquid and works with many difficulties, or in the worst case, it stops working.
  • Damage due to a short circuit, if at the time of connection, or if the equipment overheats, resulting in a short circuit.
  • Operating errors, such as software failure.
  • Also, if your phone suffers from a high temperature that causes a short circuit or overvoltage.

Within these insurance or options presented by Simplesurance is the iPhone insurance, which offers free customer service, immediate assistance in case of damage, and comprehensive protection for your devices.

Also, within its benefits, they guarantee that the process is the fastest and easiest. You enter your name, address, and serial number of the phone. There are also specialized policies for Huawei, Galaxy, and HTC.

For computer insurance covers:

  • Broken screen
  • Short circuit damage
  • Fire damage
  • Theft (Optional)
  • Games and TVs:
  • Short Circuit Damage
  • Broken screen
  • Operating errors
  • Fire damage.
  • Theft

Advantages and Disadvantages:

This insurance company has more benefits and advantages than disadvantages, and each of its specifications can be checked.

It is a company designed with the comfort and security of its customers in mind, and when purchasing it, you can be confident that you have made a great investment that will last you a long time.

However, they have some features that make it look a little strict, but at the same time are necessary for the growth is noticeable and absolute.

And here we refer to the things that this insurance does not cover:

  • Intentional damage.
  • Failure or damage by the manufacturer
  • False or poorly supplied information
  • Fraudulent claims
  • Pre-existing damage
  • Positive feedback.

As we have mentioned, all companies have their good points, and in the eyes of others, it cannot be excellent.

However, the positive comments that the search results have shown about this have been very noticeable.

Usually, people talk pretty well about their time of response and resolution. There have been many testimonies of people who express their satisfaction with this insurance company that guarantees immediate attention.

To make claims, you do so through the Simplesurance website under the option of “Make a Claim.”

This way, you can report damages, thefts, losses, and situations that require immediate action. It is important to note that your only channel is their website. They still do not have a phone line, and therefore, requests must be made virtually.

For that reason, it is essential to indicate to some insurer its situation or the incident that has been presented, this with the due knowledge that must be made in the lapse of the 7 days after the incident.


Simplesurance isn’t a scam. Furthermore is a nice way to protect your phone, tablet or computer from any incident and it normally works under a full refund or replacement basis. Try them out and keep your media active!

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