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Everyone knows how auctions work, you start with a low bid and others counter your offer with a higher price. Some auctions can rise to thousands and even millions of dollars, Quibids is a website that won’t cost you more than a few dollars for the biggest brand name electronics, gadgets, sporting gear, small electronics, and more.

Quibids is one of the best penny auction sites on the internet. On this site, you can save a ton of money on popular hot ticket items. Most of the bids on this site start at 1¢ and each raise in your bid will cost you 75¢. Even if you have to make twenty bids to win your item, you’re still saving more than retail.

To start bidding on this site, create a free account that will only take you a few minutes. Once that’s done, you can take advantage of your free coins for your first bids. You’ll love Quibids, we guarantee.

Sites Like Quibids

This site prides itself on being honest, fair, and cheap. An added bonus that comes with Quibids is the fact that you can instantly purchase your item of interest for the same price that sold for at auction. You won’t find many bidding sites that can top the amazing deals you can find on Quibids.

Luckily, you have us. We’ve scoured the web to find some of the best auction sites like Quibids for low priced auctions and one of a kind finds. Enjoy everyone on this list. Start bidding today to save thousands.

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Deal Dash

Officiel Site

Deal Dash is definitely one of the best sites like Quibids for enormous savings. On this site, you can find yourself owning a flat screen tv for under $200 or an $80 gift card for around $4. If you’re quick, you’ll master this fast-paced bidding site in no time. If you miss out on a great deal, don’t fret, you can choose to buy the product for the price it sold for during the auction.

This makes Deal Dash one of the top competitors to Quibids free bids site. You won’t have to worry about a lost deal with Deal Dash, you always get a second chance to save a ton of cash on this site.

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Officiel Site

OUTDOORSMAN Auctions has a ton of fabulous items that will only cost you a few pennies if you win your auction. Every day is your birthday on this site, you’ll find yourself wanting everything and since the prices are so low on OUTDOORSMAN Auctions, you can purchase whatever you’re interested in.

The timer runs out fast on this site so keep your eyes open and watch it like a hawk, if someone raises a bid, pounce on it and raise it yourself. You’ll find that the added effort was worth it once you win an item that costs you less than 50% off sticker cost. So if you are hunting for huge savings, you will love them.

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Officiel Site

If you live anywhere in the United States of America, you can become a bidder on this site called OrangeBidz. This website is one of the best Quibids alternatives on our list. Almost everything on OrangeBidz is 95% off.

You’ll never pay full price on this site, the only catch is that you have to be quick, if the timer runs out or if you’ve been outbid, the item is gone. Don’t worry if you miss out on a deal, OrangeBidz adds new items all the time and it runs 24/7. Click on the link above to test your luck and see if you can win a cool electronic for an unbelievable low price.

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Officiel Site

Lastly, on our list of sites like Quibids, we must add Wellbid. This site is completely bonkers. Available worldwide, Wellbid has hundreds of winners every day. Most of the items on this site are sold for less than 85% of their retail prices. You can even purchase brand new cars on Wellbid’s site. Start by creating a free account that will only take you a few minutes to complete, use your free coins to start bidding, and add more if needed.

Keep a close eye on the timers. The isn’t any set time for the auctions, timers can start at any moment. If you’re quick, and you have a few bidding skills, you’ll be the proud owner of something new in no time. For less than retail. Let the bidding wars begin.

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