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Learning about insurance services can be a bit cumbersome. First, it’s not always easy to understand what insurers are trying to explain. Besides, not all websites offer convenient information on these issues, and you often end up needing the help of an in-person advisor.

That’s why we’ve prepared this review to show you what you can find on the Towergate Landlord Insurance website, a website which is intended for UK residents only, but which will be very useful in educating you about insurance services.

Who they are

Towergate began in 1997, and since then, have acquired more than 300 insurance companies specializing in different aspects of the insurance service, which identifies them as a comprehensive guarantor today.

This company can offer tenants and their different possible conditions and home, car, and boat, among other things.

Besides, Towergate Landlord Insurance also offers its clients personalized services through 100 locations in the United Kingdom.

And besides, they establish a good web design model by offering a simple to navigate the page, with a modern look, without being aggressive and making telephone numbers easily accessible from where you can get more help.

User Education

The section entitled “Articles and Insurance Guides” is focused on offering the best possible instruction to all those who, like you, are looking for professional advice to meet particular needs. In fact, their articles are classified within the main categories:

  • Boat
  • Caravan
  • Medical Care
  • Commercial Premises
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Home & Property
  • Liability
  • Military
  • Engine
  • Trade

You can even filter the search options by selecting whether you prefer a computer graphic, video, or read an article. They have a fairly extensive library of articles, which is constantly being expanded by incorporating specialized articles and content.

For example, the “Explanation of Household Emergency Insurance” shows in detail everything you need and should know about this important issue. Like encyclopedia articles, it shows at the top a table of contents of what you will find in your reading while all the content is of similar quality and is designed so that anyone can understand what is explained.

Naturally, you will come across the most recently added content when you log in, but you can explore previously published content by clicking on the option.

If you respond to a particular issue, you can enter the search engine keywords and read the results.

Other highlights

You will find a section of frequently asked questions from your customers on the same home page regarding the services provided.

Besides, they even make it possible for their clients to obtain quotes from other insurers to compare prices and decide which one is most convenient.

The drop-down menu shows all the types of insurance offered to their customers and, therefore, each of them’s characteristics. This includes services for vacations, the military, medical care, in addition to those mentioned at the beginning of this review.

As they explain themselves through this website, the main reasons why prospective clients should choose them are:

  • The ability to compare prices from up to 11 leading insurers to get the right policy for your needs
  • They offer coverage for property portfolios and individual properties.
  • They also sell coverages for residential, commercial, or mixed-use properties.

It is also good to highlight that ¬†Towergate Landlord Insurance works with some of the largest insurers in the UK and the world and works with nearly 100 industry associations and partners to understand their clients’ needs better and provide policies that really work.

To name a few, they have strong relationships with the British Independent Retailers Association, Care England, Team Army UK, and The Fostering Network, among others.

As expected, they stay active through social networks, which is a good option to keep you up to date with their content as they do not offer newsletter service.

To Sum Up

Beyond being an insurance service that makes life in the United Kingdom, with them, you will have useful information that can better guide you in the decision making of your insurance services.

Also, if you have a property there or plan to have one, this is a good option to start with. So, give Towergate Landlord Insurance a try and get some extra information and comparatives to secure your assets.

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