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Known as one of the first companies to provide personal information online since 1994, US Search is dedicated to collecting information through public and private tools such as:

  • Government records
  • Federal Records
  • State, county, and local records
  • Data from professional licensing organizations
  • Legal documents
  • Telephone directories
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Cable TV subscriptions
  • Mortgage applications

They have stated that they are not a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA). That means the information you get here should not be used to screen a potential employee. Nor should you use it to evaluate prospective tenants or any related purpose covered by the FCRA. But it may still be useful to you in other ways.

What exactly do they do?

Over the 25+ years of service, they have accumulated a vast amount of data. Their easy-to-use system helps you get to your person of interest by using 7 filters:

  • Searching for people
  • Reverse search phone
  • Social Media Search
  • Search by email
  • Property records
  • Criminal history
  • Background checks

Use the ‘Reverse Search Phone’ option when you receive a call from an unknown sender. The other 6 filters will help you reduce the number of final results of your search. You can enter the name of some family members of that person to get a more accurate search. It’s effortless to use, although not very innovative.

This service is intended for people who want to corroborate the information provided by certain relatives. Although you could get a criminal record, this option is only available in 43 states. And your access to public records such as marriages is available for 11 states. But you can still find out things like:

  • Bankruptcy filings
  • Previous addresses
  • Taxes
  • Current and previous professional licenses
  • Information on sex crimes

Does it cost anything?

First, you should know that there is no free trial. The prices for using this service can barely be described as reasonable.

For example, the basic report for one person costs $2.45. You can subscribe to their ‘Omnisearch’ program by paying $18.75 each month. This subscription level offers unlimited searches and more detail than the basic report.

Another higher plan is priced at almost $40 per month, which may seem like a lot. But this is where you get the respondent’s criminal records, financial information, and social media.

You can finally choose to get the criminal records in just one state. The price of this service is $14.95 per month. But consider that you will get the records from only one state (the one selected). If this person has committed crimes in another state, they will not be visible in that report.

Is it reliable?

Let’s look at the source of information first. When we analyze that they get all that data from public records, we can’t doubt its accuracy. Those obtained through private means are also reliable. And thinking that they are in this business since 1994, they should have no reason to deceive people.

When we checked the opinions of other customers, we noticed that they were found. Many reported that they received exactly the information they paid for. Others were very dissatisfied with the results or indicated that they never received a refund.

Consider that sometimes a person misfiles a record by accident or intentionally. If US Search obtains that information and it is not comparable to another, then you may receive that as a result.


  • They have a proven track record.
  • Low searches are economically priced.
  • By using 7 different filters, your search can be more accurate.
  • When you add relatives of the subject to the search, you reduce the results in your favor.
  • You can also include the person’s alias in your search.
  • You can include results from social networks, financial records, and criminal records.


  • They have kept the old user interface without updating to recent changes.
  • When you need a more detailed search, the prices are high.
  • If you request a refund, the process can be tedious.
  • They are not exempt from errors in the data provided by their information sources.


US search is an online tool for collecting personal data and other records on persons of interest. This site is ideal for finding old friends, confirming a neighbor’s story, or getting to know your daughter’s boyfriend better. But not to be used for other aspects, such as when deciding to hire someone.

Despite their track record, criminal information is still not available in all states of the country. They must also correct some details, such as the refund process or updating the site’s layout. But in general, it will fulfill the promise of finding who you are looking for. And it gives you as many tools as possible to do so.

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