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What is VoiPly?

VoiPly is a telephone service provider. We understood that with a device you buy from them, you can have a local number. One thing that pleased me was discovering that they have an acceptable time offering this service, 8 years. And they are also based within the United States (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).

They offer multiple functions that they serve in our home. But it is much better suited to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Also, the user interface of the online site is straightforward to use.

What exactly does VoiPly do?

After we purchase the device from them or on our own, the next thing is to connect it to the router. The next step is to buy their service. We found it positive that you can buy the service month by month instead of paying a full year. This way, we can make sure it works for me.

To buy this service we had to use the local number. But they don’t do on the phone line. VoiPly works on the internet. So it is crucial to have reliable internet service. It is difficult to explain how they make it work, but the truth is that you can:

Receive multiple phone calls with one number.

The line will never appear busy.

Call over 50 countries.

Among other things.

How much does it cost?

First, we have to tell you that they have a 30-day free trial. If you like the service or still can’t decide, you can buy it month by month. But we recommend you to buy the one-year package once you are sure (it represents a 20% discount). Then you have the residential and business options:

Residential: $8.95 if you buy monthly. 7.16 by prepayment for one year.

Business: starts at $13.95 per month, but may vary depending on features.

Price is low compared to other similar businesses. However, without unlimited internet, we have to monitor the bill for that service as well. But it is a more comfortable and modern system than the traditional one.

Is it reliable?

Your router must be compatible. We had some problems and was told that the router was not the right one. The band speed also plays an important role; otherwise, you will hear the conversation late. They are not very specific about how they send the device. But if they use the national postal system, there should be no major problem.

After researching online, we found that most customers are comfortable with the service. Mainly with the 24/7 customer service. Naturally, there were some complaints, but we realized that it was because of user connectivity after analyzing it. They said that calls were delayed.


Unlimited calls to over 50 countries.

Internet-based service.

One phone number can be used for an entire company.

Free 30-day trial.

Direct voice mail to email.

Affordable prices for both businesses and private homes.

Reliable and affordable customer service.

Includes a 911 number for emergency calls.

Call waiting system.

Caller ID.

They offer free phones (basic phones for business packages).

Mobile application for easy management.

Easy to install, even with low technological knowledge.


Because it is internet-based, it can present problems due to low connectivity.

In the event of a power outage, the phone line will probably not work.

There are no plans designed for businesses. You must quote to know how much you will pay.

You must provide certain personal information to use the 911 number.

They do not specify how they protect your personal information.

There is no statement of the terms of use on the online site.

They may offer a more extensive service if they include the Internet in the package.

In the trial period, the computer must be on for 30 days.

E-mail may be saturated with voice mail, and there is no clear system to handle this.


After carefully analyzing your website and the reviews, it seems worth using this service. Voiply also stood out for its strong customer service system and the voicemail to mail option, although the latter could be improved. The possibility of updating the POTS system is real with them. They also offer just over 60 functions that can be adapted to your needs.

Like everything else, some things need to be improved. Mainly the accessibility to the conditions of use and protection of personal data. The price is more accessible than most of its competitors. And the basic free phones are attractive for small and medium enterprises. As long as you have good internet, you will get more than you pay for.

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