6 Best Media Player Software Like Kodi

Best Media Software

If you’re the type of person who loves good movies, TV series, or radio, you’ll have a blast checking out this list of software like Kodi.

Being able to reunite almost everything the internet offers in a single user interface is what Kodi does best. Kodi brings you the ability to enjoy all of your best movie platforms, TV show sites, and so much more in one place.

Regardless of what you love the most, download the Kodi app for free, and you’ll be able to enjoy a ton of possibilities. What makes Kodi so amazing is that you can connect to a ton of different sources with ease, such as sites like Putlocker, Rainierland, and many more.

Then you can enjoy amazing video and sound quality that you can stream on your TV, computer, tablet, or any other device of your choice.

Software Like Kodi

While the Kodi app is an excellent media player, we’ve been able to locate a few other Kodi alternatives that are just as good, if not better. We encourage you to check out all of these amazing platforms for enjoying your favorite media all in one place.

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Plex is an excellent alternative to Kodi. This free media player platform has multiple functions and a stunning interface that’s super easy to use. You will be able to organize and centralize all of your favorite media, including movies, TV shows, Netflix accounts, and so much more, on this HD video player software.

Plex is available on smart TVs, online, TiVo systems, gaming consoles, and many other devices, allowing you to bring it with you at all times. Think of Plex as a portable all in one library for all your media content. Check out Plex if you’re a fan of TV and movies.

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Media Portal

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Media Portal is another one of the best media player software that deserves your attention. Besides offering a great user interface, you will be able to actually record your favorite shows and listen to radio music or watch videos with this HD video player for pc. This media software lets you stream all your collected content to your tv, computer, smartphone, tablet, and gaming console.

Check the weather, the news, and more on top of streaming your favorite videos. Media Portal is free and simple to use. However, it’s only available on Windows computers. If you need a media player for your Mac, you’ll have to find another one on this list.

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If you’re looking for excellent software like Kodi, Emby will probably be one of the best options available. This Mac and Windows video player download give you the ability to record videos and manage parental controls while still providing you with a very similar platform to Kodi.

Emby is also free to use, but you can opt for a paid version for just a few dollars per month, which provides you with exclusive features. Add the Emby app to your mobile devices to watch all the content you want on the go. Stop struggling with controls, setups, and searches. Emby does all the work for you, so all you have leftover to do is enjoy the tv and movies you want to watch.

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Universal Media Server

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Universal Media Server can work alone or be paired with Plex for an epic streaming adventure. Universal Media Server can be used to stream video, audio, and images. You can use this media player software on Blu-ray players, smartphones, TVs, Xbox’s, PlayStations, directly on your browser, and other electronics of the same genre.

Compatible with all known operating systems, Universal Media Server is one of the best free media players online.

It is effortless to configure and absolutely free to use. This best media player download gives you the ability to watch your favorite shows or movies in a stunning interface that’s super easy to use. One of the best things about Universal Media Server is their constant improvements.

Like Kodi, this software has been updated all the time, which keeps everything in working order each time you need to use it. There’s nothing worse than trying to stream a new video format and finding out that it’s not compatible with your media player.

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Open Source Media Center (OSMC)

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One of the most recent Kodi alternatives is OSMC, which supports a ton of formats and has a ton of features allowing you to control it on TVs using a WiFi connection.

Very similar to Kodi, OSMC is completely free to use the media player. Open Source Media Center is one of the best media player downloads for Linux. With its attached internet storage and its playback from local networks, Open Source Media Center will surprise you.

This website might not be the most beautiful on our list, but that’s not what you’re searching for if you’ve come to this page. You want a media streaming player that works, and Open Source Media Center hits it out of the park. So, go ahead and give Open Source Media Center a try. You won’t regret it.

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The last media player in this list is Infuse, which is another excellent media player that won’t let you down.

Compatible with almost every single format known to humankind, you will easily be able to play MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, and many other forms. Infuse is one of the top software like Kodi that’s powerful, simple to use, and supports subtitles.

This media player available for all your iOS devices is elegant and efficient. Infuse looks great, it plays great, and it’s surprisingly powerful. Give Infuse a try now. You won’t be let down, guaranteed.

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